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Eccremocarpus scaber mail order climbing plant climbers vines  fence cover rare


Eccremocarpus scaber

Chilean Glory Flower.


A vigorous climber with boldly veined, light green leaves and orange-red tubular flowers. Height 3-5m. Spread 1-2m. Flower colour Orange, Red. Flowers from April to August. Evergreen. Foliage colour White. Frost hardy. Sheltered Site. Planting instructions on labels Water thoroughly before planting. Plant carefully as the stems are a bit brittle and may break away from the roots.


E. scaber is the commonest of the species of Eccremocarpus. It is a tendril climber, useful for growing on walls or trellis and fences or for scrambling through shrubs and small trees. This is a fast growing plant and is ideal for mass planting to create an effect in on season. stays evergreen is sheltered in warm garden. Can give dramatic effect when in full bloom.

It requires a neutral to slightly acid soil and flowers most profusely if grown in full sun. This sub-tropical native of Chile and Peru will survive short periods of low temperature. don't leave unprotected if you get frost below -5c, If you do have this level of frost use from fleece or even newspaper at the base of the plant. It may die back to soil level but will come again with new growth from the base in the spring.

We have it in red and orange and sometimes pink.

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