*** All our mail order garden plants, shrubs,are in large 2-3 litre pot sizes or greater. ***
If its less We make it clear.
Our plants are just
like you would expect in a quality garden centre.
We do not sell baby plants in P9 or 9 centimetre pots these are too small for survival. These are plugs stuffed into a p9 pot. Not much more then a cutting You do not need to repot our plants, they can be planted immediately. P9 plants are used by nurseries for producing larger plants. We would repot p9's 2 times from p9 to 1lt -2 litre over 3 years. Dont waste your money on baby plants.

G A R D E N ___ B A R G A I N S

Mail order quality Irish grown Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Plants direct to your door.
Many rare and interesting new garden varieties
direct from the growers.

Shipping only €10 nationwide up to any 20 plants, no packing costs.

With Garden Bargains Mail order you do not need to register or have an account just click buy pay and enjoy.

No filling out forms posting cheque's (unless you want) We never see your Credit card info. easy, quick direct.

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Great selection of QUALITY locally grown, shrubs, perennials,
house plants, trees, fruit trees, bushes, hedging for sale via mail order.

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Click on the Irish grown Ferns you like and a new window will open.
You can buy our perennial ferns, by simply clicking add to cart.

Ferns list, available by mail order.


Aspelinum scol. 'Undulatum'
Asplenium scol. 'Angustatum'
Dicksonia antarctica
Dryopteris wallichiana
Osmunda reg. 'Purpurascens'
Polystichum set. 'Dahlem'
Polystichum set. Congestum


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