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Hemerocallis Crimson Pirate for sale scented day lilly

Hemerocallis Crimson Pirate

An invaluable hardy perennial suitable for most gardens, the Day Lily is easy to grow and needs little attention. Lovely trumpet-shaped blooms are displayed in summer. This plant is often scented.

Height and Spread: Up to 90cm x 45cm (36 in x 18 in).

Position: Plant in groups in sun or part shade. Thrives in any fertile soil if not too dry.

Planting: Ensure root ball is thoroughly moist when planting and maintain plant at the same level in the soil as it was in the container. Back-fill planting hole with two parts soil mixed with one part peat substitute and a handful of bonemeal. Firm well and water in.

Plant care: Keep moist until established. Avoid disturbance after planting.


2 litre pot many heads.


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