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MAGNOLIA SUSAN mail order trees shrubs scented flowering blossom japanese gardening

Magnolia Susan

R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit.

THESE ARE NOT P9 or 9centimetre pots ( root cuttings) They are about 2-3 feet high in large pots ready to plant out now. many branches

They make a great gift tree.

Fragrant purple fleshed outside, white inside, tulip-shaped flower. Late spring to early summer. Compact free-flowering bush with glossy mid-green foliage.

Height and Spread-Up to 1.8m x 1.2m(6 ft x 4 ft).

Position-Best in acid, humus-rich soil that is moist but not waterlogged and situated in sun or partial shade. Planting-Water thoroughly before planting. Plant in hole large enough to avoid disturbing root ball. Re-fill hole with soil previously mixed with peat substitute and a suitable fertilizer. Plant Care-Keep moist in first year. Shelter from strong winds.


Special request only email us for info approx 20-25 euros depending on size 2 weeks delivery time can be expected.