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Prunus lusitanica ever green hedge seaside coastal

Prunus lusitanica Variegata
Portugal Laurel

Excellent evergreen hedge

A beautiful slow growing evergreen shrub, with attractive glossy, dark green, white edged leaves flushed pink in Winter.

Masses of long slender spikes of small white fragrant flowers in late Spring are followed by small red egg shaped fruits ripening purple. Four or five of these wil make a nice hedge or divder in a garden
Height and Spread in 10 Years: 2.5 metres(8ft) high, 2.0 metres(6ft) spread.

Position: Sun or shade in any well drained soil.
Planting: Soak the root-ball before planting.
Plant in a hole x2 the diameter of the root-ball or pot.
Mix an organic soil improver and general fertilizer with the infill soil.
Water regularly until established.
Plant Care: Frost hardy. Cut back with secateurs in Spring if necessary.