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CLONING KIT ONLY €20 posted anywhere in Ireland Kits includes rock wool 24/48, scalpel's, labels, pencils, starter nutrients, and the amazing Clonex root matrix Gel.

This springs best bargain, propagation kits. With all you need to excel at taking cuttings and get them started. Multiply your favourite plants with ease using this tested and precise system. Save ten times the cots of the kit by multiplying your plants. Using Rock wool as the medium, this kit is very clean and you get no secondary problems with weeds or rogue seeds taking over as you do with peat or compost. No peat or soil, so its a sterile way to take professional quality cuttings every time. Rock wool is clean easy to use and safe for the environment.

To buy all this separately would cost you about €30. Refills available. The Kit is only or €20 by mail in Ireland. Or just €12 in store if you mention this Page.