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Purple Sensation

Star of Persia

Hardy perennial bulb.
Rich violet-purple star-shaped flowers in tight rounded clusters on long slender stems. Ideal for cut flowers and dried arrangements.
Suitable for: Any free draining soil in a sunny spot.
Flowering time: Late Spring to early Summer.
Height and Sperad: 1metre(3 ft) high, spreading 20cm(8 in) when established.
Care: Either plant immediately in a hole twie the pot diameter-or plunge in a larger patio, plants direct, Irish grown , shrubs, perennials, pot to flower. Allow fading flowers to die back naturally then re-plant outside.
Colourful ideas: Naturalise among low growing yellow and green leafed herbaceous perennials and shrubs.


Special request only email us for info approx ?? euros depending on size 2 weeks delivery time can be expected.