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FEED THE BIRDS, let them know its winter time.

Bird and wildlife love grasses click here for grasses page.

See our Wildlife page for more information on attracting wildlife to your garden

This is a list of plants that produce nice fall- autumn berries. Trees will be here soon

If you want to attract wildlife into your garden and give it the help it needs then this list if for you. Some we have some we don't, A link will be under the names of the plants we have available. Remember the birds will pay you back. They also give fantasic colour displays when there can often be very little on display in the garden. All the wildlife you attract will also eat unwanted insectes and help keep the populations in check.


Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii

Also known as: Beauty berry
Height/Spread: 10ft. (3m)/8ft. (2.5m)
Type: Hardy, deciduous shrub
What's nice about it: White or pink flowers in summer, and lots of vividly coloured pink-purple fruits in autumn.


Common Name: Cotoneaster horizontalis
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline, Moist
Height: 50cm
Spread: 180cm
What's nice about it: red berries in profusion all autum and winter. Good ground cover great for small birds.

Deciduous cotoneasters are fine plants with attractive flowers in late spring and early summer, but they are mainly grown for their brilliant displays of berries and bright leaf tints in autumn, when they become a major feature. C. horizontalis has excellent late colour, but is also popular for the characteristic herringbone pattern of its stems, which develop into a decorative basketwork across the ground or on a wall, according to how it is trained. It is invaluable in shade, although its crops of neat pink flowers and bright red berries are more prolific in full sun. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM).



Bryonia dioica

Also known as: Red bryony or wild hop
Height/Spread: Can climb up to 20ft. (6m)
Type: Perennial climber
What's nice about it: Little known climbing perennial herb useful for border interest or for adding interest in a mixed hedge.


Skimmia japonica

Known as: Skimmia
Height/Spread: Around 4ft. (1.2m)
Type: Hardy, evergreen shrub
What's nice about it: White flowers in spring, red fruit (white on S.j. "Fructu Albo") in autumn, slightly fragrant leaves.


Sarcococca confusa

Also known as: Christmas box or sweet box
Height/Spread: 6ft. (2m)/ 3ft. (1m)
Type: Hardy, evergreen
What's nice about it: White winter flowers with a powerful sweet purfume followed by fruit in winter. A pretty shrub for a mixed border.


Euonymus planipes

Also known as: Spindle tree
Height/Spread: 10ft. (3m)/ 10ft. (3m)
Type: Hardy, deciduous shrub
What's nice about it: Excellent autumn leaf interest and lots of winter fruits


Juniperus communis

Known as: Juniper
Height/Spread: 2-20ft. (60cm-6m)/ 2-20ft. (60cm-6m)
Type: Hardy, evergreen tree
What's nice about it: Conical shaped tree for all year round structure, blue-green foliage, fruits ripen over 2-3 years, no pruning needed, good specimen plant.


Lycium barbarum

Also known as: Chinese box thorn or Duke of Argyll's tea tree
Height/Spread: 11ft. (3.5m)/ 15ft. (5m)
Type: Hardy, deciduous shrub
What's nice about it: Cheerful bright red fruit at a gloomy time of year!


Sambucus nigra

Also known as: Black elder or elderberry
Height/Spread: 20ft. (6m)/ 20ft. (6m)
Type: Hardy, deciduous shrub
What's nice about it: Musk scented white flowers in summer followed by black berries in late autumn, winter.


Ruscus aculeatus

Also known as: Butcher's broom
Height/Spread: 1 1/2ft. (75cm)/ 3ft. (1m)
Type: Hardy, evergreen shrub
What's nice about it: Produces lovely red berries from summer through until winter.


Ilex aquifolium

Also known as: Irish holly
Height/Spread: Up to 70ft. (21m)/ 25ft. (8m)
Type: Evergreen shrub or tree (depending on pruning)
What's nice about it: Fantastic spiky, glossy green leaves. Excellent for specimen planting or for using as hedging - long lasting red berries in autumn and winter. Infact any hollys are ideal.


Viburnum sargentii

Known as: Viburnum
Height/Spread: 10ft. (3m) /10ft. (3m)
Type: Hardy, deciduous shrub
What's nice about it: Lots of lacecap style white flowers in spring followed by pretty bright red small round berries. Most Viburnums produce berries.


Luma apiculata

Known as: Luma /mrytle.
Height/Spread: Up to 40ft. (12m) in both directions
Type: Frost hardy, evergreen shrub or tree
What's nice about it: Glossy green leaves all year round, white flowers from summer to autumn followed by dark purple berries.





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