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Black Iris (Iris chrysographes) mail order plants irish grown international shipping rare iris scented perfumed

Black Iris (Iris chrysographes)

Black Iris (Iris chrysographes) is a plant species that belongs to the genus Iris. It is native to S China and Myanmar (Burma), growing in meadows, stramsides, hillsides and forest margins. The species was originally collected by Ernest Wilson in Sichuan in 1908.


Scented herbaceous perennial with creeping rhizomes. Leaves linear and grayish green, to 70 cm long. Flowering stems 25-50 cm, hollow. Flowers reddish violet to very dark violet, almost velvety black, 6-9 cm in diameter, outer tepals usually with golden yellow stripes. Deliciously fragrant. Flowers in June to July.


Iris chrysographes is easily cultivated and requires a fertile soil which does not dry out during the growth period. Grow in full sun but some shade can help maintain a darker colour. Hardy For cooler areas plants do best if planted in the spring.