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How to prepare a bedding display

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Next pick your colours and pick your plants.

Try to work out a definite theme other wise it can look like an accident in paint factory. See if you can get plants in the colour you like, Google is great or ask us. Then you need to work out how many you will need per square foot or meter what ever way you calculated it. Then order your plants make sure you aim to have them a week or more before you plant out. Ask your nursery to make sure they pick ones not in flower and smaller in the pack.
Don't buy them in flower it is a waste of time.

A good nursery will have the right labels in the right pot so you generally don't have to worry. Most growers can tell by sight anyway. When they arrive un-pack and place outside in shelter and a bit of shade. NOT FULL SUN. Then gently water them with some tepid clean water don't hose them. Make sure they have a nice drink and shower put them in sun after 2 days and then get ready plant.

After a few days the plants will have picked up a come on a lot more. Hopefully the soil is warmer (covering with black ground cover to plastic a few days previously will warm it up nicely). Then lay out your plants to your plan dry set them so to speak stand back look to see where you need to tweak it. Doe sit look right is it what's you thought.

Then beginning left to right begin planting. Left to right help you keep track and not step on plants and muck the whole place up. Using a trowel make a hole a little bigger then the size of the plug or cell the plant is in and loosen up the soil, add in some multipurpose, then gently squeeze the sides of the plant pack and pop up the plant don't pull it UP!!! you will kill it. Gentle teasing loosens roots tangled up. Plant firmly in the hole and press the soil down gently snugly around it. If you cant get it out cut the pack with a knife or scissors.
Then move on to the next one and so on.

For larger pot plants make the hole twice as large as the original pot, and again never pull the plant push the put or turn it upside down and tap it holding the neck of plant through your fingers, plant firmly and securely to the base of the compost again good multipurpose and top top dress dress if you like with girt gravel mulch etc gravel in very sunny sites or stones can burn roots and leaves of small plants take care.

Then water in throughly at least 1 litre per plan with general planbt food. I also add some gel crystals to each hole just spoon of pre soaked.??LIMK TO INFO HERE? Then after 7-10 days you should see the display forming up nice. Then feed with blooming agent., or tomato food. After about 10-14 days the plant should be blooming.

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Done a great display with our plants let us know email us a pic and we will put it up and send you something useless.





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