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Begonias can make excellent house plants offering many colours and variety with almost unreal foliage. Great to brighten up a bath room or shaded area of the house. Loves warm moist air and steamy rooms. Great plants to collect. They sell out fast so if you really want to make sure you can get one email us. more images will be added here shortly detailing the entire collection of over 30 varieties.

begoina swirlrexbegonia rex

Begonia non stops,

Available from
late May - June

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Begonia non-stops make wonderful fillers in patio, plants direct, Irish grown , shrubs, perennials, planting, or in window boxes, remove the smaller male flowers to make more stunning and larger bloom

You can also use as bedding plants. Lift tubers if they formed in autumn and store in dry peat in cool dark conditions.

Begonia sempervirins

begging plants

to follow.


non stop  begonia